A New Home for Arab Film Reviews

VERDICT: Al-Takdir will offer more international coverage for films produced in the MENA region.

With the birth of Al-Takdir, a division of the well-known international review platform The Film Verdict, industry professionals and movie fans will have a new source of authoritative film reviews, written by renowned independent critics from around the world. Making them accessible to a wider readership, they will be posted in both Arabic and English on two separate pages.

This is a golden opportunity to expand our coverage of festival films from the Middle East and North Africa, including more reviews of short films and documentaries, many of which are very hard to find online. Al-Takdir’s own critics will have a chance to write about regional films that have electrified the Mideast box office, as shown in our exclusive weekly Comscore ratings.  Naturally, The Film Verdict’s critics will continue to review MENA films, too, on The Film Verdict.

Here is a selection of our reviews from the region over the past year. They are all competing for the prestigious Critics Awards for Arab Films at Cannes.

Four Daughters
Bye Bye Tiberias
The Burdened
5 Seasons of Revolution
Dancing on the Edge of a Volcano
The Mother of All Lies
Under the Sky of Damascus
The Teacher
Les Chenilles (short film)
Sea Salt (short film)